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Carry out fire drill, build up safety line
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/04/28


In order to fully implement the fire protection policy of “safety first, prevention first, combination of prevention and fire fighting”, in according with 《Fire protection law of the People’s Republic of China》, 《Regulations on fire safety management of organs, organizations, enterprises and industrial units》, Jinggong Science and Technology organized more than 50 people from various functional departments and branches(subsidiaries) on April 27 and carried out a special fire fighting and emergency rescue exercise activity.


At 9 am, the fire drill officially began. The trainer first popularized fire safety knowledge to everyone, covering daily fire safety work, the correct use of fire equipment and other aspects, and supplemented some essential knowledge easily ignored in the fire safety. In order to highlight the authenticity of the drill, the training activity also added the on-site fire fighting simulation link, so that all the employees participating in the drill had a personal experience of “firefighters”, and mastered the correct use of fire extinguisher in actual operation. After the fire drill, the trainer also popularized the basic knowledge of first aid for work-related injuries and the operation steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the staff. The staff listened carefully, pondered carefully, and asked several questions about first aid from time to time. The atmosphere of the activity was warm and orderly. The whole process of the drill is in place and orderly, and the expected good results have been achieved.


Through the fire emergency drill, the fire safety management of the company was effectively strengthened, the safety awareness of our employees was further improved, and familiarity of employees with the basic operation of fire equipment and emergency measures was consolidated, which laid a solid foundation for the efficient and orderly fire emergency work in the future.

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